I’m a CNA (certified nursing assistant) and have worked in a nursing home for two years. I have been at the current nursing home for only about three months, but so far I am liking the atmosphere much more than the last facility.

My job is to care. I help my residents get ready in the morning, eat their meals, use the bathroom, shower, get ready for bed, I hold their hand when they cry, Continue reading “loss”


Let’s skip the formalities, apologies, and updates. I have something important to tell you all, hopefully I will get to it in a timely manner (this reminds me that I have more photos to upload to Facebook, and four essays, one test and three presentations…) Everyone listen up!

This whole trip has been about bettering myself, nurturing myself, taking myself to places I only dreamed of seeing, eating all the amazing Spanish food, being selfish, buying countless sweaters, purses, and coffee. Continue reading “Giving”


[Insert apology here whilst making excuses that involve Spain and Portugal and coffee and studying etc etc etc]

Many things have happened in the past few weeks and I promise to share pictures while I talk at you. I know these posts were supposed to mainly involve writings about my semester abroad and you may be wanting to hear everything about my travels, but I have other thoughts that need to be addressed. Continue reading “lucky”


This post should be a bit different from what I normally post due to the fact that I am handwriting most of it while laying on a beach in Cádiz, España. At this point in time I am really in the mindset that life has a way of kicking you when you are down and then raising you up higher than you were prior to the fall. Maybe it’s the sun warming my back or the waves gently doing what waves do or the scent of sunscreen in the salty air but I feel calm and at peace with, well, everything.

Cádiz, España original photo by the (esc)ape artist
Cádiz, España original photo by the (esc)ape artist

Continue reading “dreams”


Alright, forgive me but I am going to start this post with an apology (that means I need you to forgive me twice.) It has been over two weeks since I have written anything to you, and now that I have waited so long I have an overabundance of information to throw your way. The problem is finding the time, motivation, and wi-fi to fill this annoying blank screen with words. I would prefer to write in the comfort of my bed at my señora’s apartment, but our wi-fi (weefee) is currently down, so I am in the library (not that I’m complaining, any library is a friend of mine, in the geekiest way possible.)

First of all: the best thing about being in a beautifully historic European setting is the amount of pictures I have taken and can use for my blog posts. Second: I don’t really mean that, but it does make things a wee bit easier. I digress, these past few (ten) days have been…a rollercoaster ride. I have laughed and cried and been in awe and speechless and lost and confused and terrified and exuberant more times than quantifiable. Let’s look back at my emotional stability in Europe thus far, shall we? Continue reading “emotions”


It happened. The wonderful and fun and silly and thought provoking community driven Liebster award has landed in my lap. This award was granted to me by two of my wonderful blogging friends, and please know Kristina Van Hoose and GeekKate of Heart and Harp strings that these two nominations by you are very unfair as you both are on my list as my favorite bloggers and I was planning on using you in this post and I am very upset and may consider frowning! Alas, I digress (funny, but this literally means go off topic, but I digress…) Continue reading “Liebster”


Today I am feeling like writing a story.

She walks through the terminal, her palms sweaty. This next flight will take her out of her country and off of this continent and away from this life away from all that she knows away from everything comfortable away from the easy away away…She has her ticket in hand, the words smudged. The writing is unrecognizable and her mind races, her feet try to keep to the speed her worryings have set and she stumbles. She stumbles and falls. Continue reading “fiction”


They say that a libation is generally an offering of a poured beverage to a deity, and I like to believe that. I offer myself a hot cup of joe daily, and a hot cup of tea (blech) when I am sick. Today I am nursing a cup of chamomile tea. I don’t like tea. I am a strict coffee girl. I would rather indulge on a strong and smooth and dark and rich and oh-so-good cup of coffee than a bland and rather unpleasant tasting cup of tea. I can get by drinking tea if it is loaded with cream and sugar, but even then it is gross in the sense that all I taste is the sweetness of sugar.

Where am I going with this? Well, I think your beverage of choice says a lot about you. Continue reading “libations”